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Bees. - Chicago Burlesque Dancer Red Hot Annie Weinert
She really makes the wieners boil!

Red Hot Annie / Ann Marie Weinert
Date: 2016-12-29 09:11
Subject: Bees.
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This act was, in some ways, the theme of my 2016, and a continuing theme in my life. Bees have had significance to me since I remember my grandma talking to me about them around the age of 5.

Hives are all female bees (workers) with differing responsibilities but each relies on on each other for the well-being of the whole hive. Even the Queen is bound to her hive as mother of most/all of the bees within. Queen bees that can no longer serve the hive will be killed by new queens or what essentially amounts to mutiny within her own hive.

And on a nastier, darker, and perhaps more personal note, male bees (drones) are predominantly not even allowed in the hive. To mate a queen bee, a drone must be able to catch her mid-flight, adjusting himself to her, and IF he's successful, he'll die after ejaculation, as will the 10-15 other drones she may mate with at the same time. And if he can't mate, he dies in the winter anyways.

Bees are an important species in the circle of life - in their effort to simply survive by going from flower to flower for pollen, they are speedy and efficient pollinators of many of the fruits and vegetables that we need to survive. We unknowingly rely on them - all foraging animals do - yet we live in blissful ignorance that they have been fast becoming endangered due to irresponsible farming practices (pesticides and monocultures, for example).

What can you do to help keep bees in the circle of life?
- buy organic
- avoid using pesticides to treat your garden
- don't buy honey - or buy honey that is ethically produced
- don't kill bees (!)

But maybe at the heart of it, be curious about the living creatures that exist in our world and the part we play in each other's survival. Be curious about gardening and the food you consume. And if you can, find ways to contribute to the survival of local animals and insects, especially collections of hives (apiaries).

And with that, I give you a few new photos! <3

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See more of Chicago burlesque showgirl Red Hot Annie - http://redhotannie.com

Images by Mike Licari - http://www.mikelicariphoto.com/#!shoots/ca4e

Vaudezilla! Chicago Burlesque Show (every Saturday, 10:30pm at Stage 773) - http://vaudezilla.com/chicago_burlesque_shows.html

Special thanks to Alice Boughton & Geoff Binns-Calvey for this act's look.
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