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Live Band Burlesque - This Friday Night! - Chicago Burlesque Dancer Red Hot Annie Weinert
She really makes the wieners boil!

Red Hot Annie / Ann Marie Weinert
Date: 2015-09-28 08:56
Subject: Live Band Burlesque - This Friday Night!
Security: Public
LIVE BAND BURLESQUE - This Friday night, you'll see some stunning performances (new costumes!!) from our ensemble, all performed to live music (some of which will be assigned live, roulette-style to the performers!).

Shenanigans will ensue, as the cast has been given carte blanche to do whatever they please however it pleases them to do it!

Get tickets for a mere $17 (cheaper if you can find a code on a performer's page including my own Red Hot Annie facebook page!) here:


Featuring the music of Jack Butlers Jones:
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