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Pics from Vaudezilla Studios - Student Showcase - Chicago Burlesque Dancer Red Hot Annie Weinert
She really makes the wieners boil!

Red Hot Annie / Ann Marie Weinert
Date: 2014-10-01 16:02
Subject: Pics from Vaudezilla Studios - Student Showcase
Security: Public
Tags:chicago burlesque classes, chicago burlesque shows
Love working with my students, and our showcases are one of my favorite events! It's so much fun to watch students grow and come into their own. Here's some shots from the last student showcase, where I performed my Champagne & Strawberries act. Enjoy!

10 SFW & NSFW Images on Flickr


Vaudezilla Studios - Student Showcase - Sep 2014

See more of Chicago burlesque showgirl Red Hot Annie - http://redhotannie.com

Images by Eve Studnicka - https://www.facebook.com/eve.studnicka?fref=ts

VAUDEZILLA! - http://vaudezilla.com

Vaudezilla! Chicago Burlesque Show (every Friday & Saturday, 10:30pm at Stage 773) - http://vaudezilla.com
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