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Fire / Costume Guide - Chicago Burlesque Dancer Red Hot Annie Weinert
She really makes the wieners boil!

Red Hot Annie / Ann Marie Weinert
Date: 2014-01-09 13:21
Subject: Fire / Costume Guide
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Tags:basic burlesque costume guide, red hot annie, vaudezilla studios
Class: Basic (Level 3/4) Burlesque w/Red Hot Annie:

Performance Date: TBD Saturday in Mar/Apr, 10:30pm at Stage 773

Inspiration: Flamey, firey, sexy energy!

This act is about focusing on matching scorching hot energy to firey fast footwork with great arms and hands! A high-energy piece that is as much about delivering "good face" as it is about accurate movements.

Never rehearse the steps without a smile on your face and a connection to the world around you. You can't be on stage and be "in your head" at the same time!

Costume Guide

Top Layer: Fabulous cocktail dress (ideally something you can bedazzle & trim with embellishments) KNEE LENGTH, easy to remove (nothing that pulls over the head, please - everything should have a zipper or be easy to drop down over your hips!), headpiece (will not be used in choreography), shoes, thigh-high stockings (may be secured with garter)

Second Layer: Bra, undies (garter optional)
(If you feel unsure about showing your midriff, you can wear a red/orange/yellow cincher, or sexy, vintage long-form girdle) - plus some sort of shimmy belt that can be removed.

You'll also want to acquire tons of sparkle, sequins, trims and other things to make each part of your costume unique! I like to use Ebay to get things cheap like rhinestones, fringe trim, appliques, and other items. Here's some of my favorite resources:

Cheap Sequins: HERE
Cheap Rhinestones (plastic, not Swarovski): HERE

Video of Act:

Not available yet!
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