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Top 10 Moments at Vaudezilla! Burlesque Cabaret in December - Chicago Burlesque Dancer Red Hot Annie Weinert
She really makes the wieners boil!

Red Hot Annie / Ann Marie Weinert
Date: 2014-01-08 14:48
Subject: Top 10 Moments at Vaudezilla! Burlesque Cabaret in December
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Tags:brittny congleton, chicago burlesque, lilly rascal, red hot annie, sadie o'swirl, titty perkins, trixie sparx, vanna tease, vaudezilla, zara estelle
Here are some of our favorite moments from the December run of "Vaudezilla!"
The show runs every Saturday at Stage 773 - get tickets in advance (we sell out most weeks) here:


Giddy Up! – Chicago may not have a lot of hills for sleigh rides, but Red Hot Annie would have no trouble catching a carriage ride in that get-up!


You Can’t Pick Your Family – Brittny Congleton’s Aunt Nance puts a trademark Vaudezilla spin on those obnoxious relatives you can’t avoid when the holidays roll around.


Smack Down Imminent – We don’t know how Lilly Rascal ended up on Santa’s Naughty List, but that look in her eyes tells us that she’s about to destroy Vaudezilla’s Burlesque Christmas!

Sadie and Lilly

Righting the Wrong – After getting the rage out of her system, Lilly Rascal visits Sadie O’Swirl, Chicago’s Gift Wrapper Extraordinarie to help repair the damage.

Sugar Rum Cherry

Five, Six, Seven, Eight! – The Rockettes got nothin’ on Vaudezilla’s burlesque ladies! Vanna Tease, Red Hot Annie, Zara Estelle and Lilly Rascal show everyone how a kick line is done, Chicago-style!


Let it Snow – Chicago better get ready for The Burlesque Blizzard of 2013, as Titty Perkins gets ready unleash a sparkly storm from her balloons!


Chestnuts Roasting For Sure! – If you like a cozy little Christmas, Trixie Sparx looks like she wants to conspire as she dreams with you by the fire!

Tiny Tree Christmas

Ridiculously Fabulous – Ever wondered why your burlesque dancer friends decorate their trees with glitter and ostrich feathers? Wonder no more!


Hail the Snow Queen – When you live in Chicago, you need to embrace the inevitability of snow, just like Vanna Tease does.


Ready to Go – No matter how cold those Chicago winters get, Zara Estelle is always Burlesque Fabulous when she goes on her holiday trips!
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