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Let Go. Move On. Create Joy. - Chicago Burlesque Dancer Red Hot Annie Weinert
She really makes the wieners boil!

Red Hot Annie / Ann Marie Weinert
Date: 2012-09-19 08:36
Subject: Let Go. Move On. Create Joy.
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I grew up in a household of 9 people, and my personal history is one of getting along with lots of different kinds of people (even people I didn't like!), leading groups of peers (even peers who didn't respect my leadership), and overcoming adversity (the deepth of which I will likely never see again in my life).

I have worked hard on giving up a lot of bad habits this year, including clinging to the need for people to like me, ruminating on circumstances I can't change, and criticizing (publically or personally) how other people do things that don't even affect me. As a result, a lot of the negativity in my life has essentially peeled away...I've even chosen to simply say "goodbye" to a handful of friends who's desires appear to violently conflict with mine.

And I feel lighter.

I am exactly where I need to be in this moment.

Choose to shift my thoughts to positivity.
Think only of what I want.
Expect what I want from the world.
Have as much fun as possible.
Lose the illusion of Self.

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