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Burlesque Advice - Cellulite - Chicago Burlesque Dancer Red Hot Annie Weinert
She really makes the wieners boil!

Red Hot Annie / Ann Marie Weinert
Date: 2012-01-24 14:01
Subject: Burlesque Advice - Cellulite
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Q: I'm new to burlesque and took classes to get into the community. I belong to a troupe of amazing ladies. My problem is this: my head mistress suggested I wear full hose to hide my thigh cellulite. It may not be my favorite part of my body, but I'm comfortable with myself. Not sure I really want to hide my flaws. What should I do about this?

First of all, congratulations on finally taking the plunge! It sounds like burlesque is going to be a really fun experience for you! It sounds like you are very comfortable with your thighs (me, too) - I think it's probably something you can...more

Your questions are welcome!
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User: lizmoop
Date: 2012-01-25 02:58 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Until the last few months, I'd always worn sheer-to-waist hose to hide my bruised/scarred/cellulite-y legs, as I'm very, very self-conscious about them. However, I got a lot of feedback recently telling me that my natural legs are just fine, and it's much sexier without the hose, so I've been weaning myself off of them. I think you gave that person good advice-- part of burlesque is how awesome and sexy you feel in your own skin, and being sexy no matter what size/shape/etc person you are.
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Red Hot Annie / Ann Marie Weinert
User: redhotannie
Date: 2012-01-25 16:11 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
That's fantastic - good for you for taking those steps! xo Annie
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User: pamelaneko
Date: 2012-01-26 16:36 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
This is such a touchy subject... I think this is one of those decisions that ultimately reflects your focus, whether it is on entertaining your audience, or whether your focus is on expressing yourself. Enhancements like big fake hair, pro stage makeup, false lashes, and pantyhose are the finishing presentation touches on a polished performance. Some people really zoom in on the idea of "hiding flaws" and naturally you start to wonder, if this is encouraging you to feel shame. I don't think it is like that. Would you perform without makeup, without eyeliner or lipstick? Do you make sure your nails are painted? How is wearing pantyhose worse than using concealor on your zits? Get out of your comfort zones; you control your perspective on shame :)

If you are really uncomfortable wearing hose, I would recommend looking into a glitter/shimmer or tanning lotion to reduce the appearance of cellulite.
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Red Hot Annie / Ann Marie Weinert
User: redhotannie
Date: 2012-01-27 22:50 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
That's a fact.

Within a show that is organized and geared towards our peers - or even a typical show that has a 60% female audience, cellulite is welcome & I dare say, even encouraged sometimes!

At the point where you are performing for liquor companies and big corporate entities (or even some bars), it's a different story. Some of the head hanchos are pretty picky - frankly, they don't really care about the politics of our artform.

It's important to be honest with yourself about what you want out of burlesque, but also what you might need to do to keep yourself hireable for the gigs you want...different shows might demand different "beauty" standards.
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