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Vaudezilla Vision - Episode 2 - Chicago Burlesque Dancer Red Hot Annie Weinert
She really makes the wieners boil!

Red Hot Annie / Ann Marie Weinert
Date: 2011-04-21 08:53
Subject: Vaudezilla Vision - Episode 2
Security: Public

In this episode, we recap the Windy City Burlesque Fest, talk about our act of the month, have a couple ideas for Glove Peels and talk about our family's reactions to burlesque.

Hosted by Cherry Brandi, Abigail Ala Mode, & Trixie Sparx, this episode also features/mentions: Serenna Starr, Jolie Ampere Goodnight, Vivacious Miss Audacious, Camilla Cupcake, Lala Vulvaria, Foxy Tann, Ammunition, Anita Lilmore, Booty Garland, Dani Diamond, Sophia Bliss, Marci Beaucoup, & Saucy Jack.

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