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Red Hot Annie's Basic Burlesque - Chicago & Oak Park - Chicago Burlesque Dancer Red Hot Annie Weinert
She really makes the wieners boil!

Red Hot Annie / Ann Marie Weinert
Date: 2010-12-30 09:16
Subject: Red Hot Annie's Basic Burlesque - Chicago & Oak Park
Security: Public
Red Hot Annie's Basic Burlesque
Chicago Burlesque Classes


DeMaira Dance Studios, Inc.
4705 W Lawrence Av, Chicago IL
Every Monday

DeMaira Dance Studios, Inc.
1146 Chicago Av, Oak Park IL
Every Wednesday

(new sessions start the first Mon/Wed of each month)

Ever wanted to learn the fine art of the bump and grind? Now you can. Get your body in motion with some smooth moves courtesy of one of the top burlesque performers in Chicago: Vaudezilla’s Red Hot Annie!

Red Hot Annie will steer you through all the burlesque basics, from shimmys and twirls to bumps and grinds. Whether you’re looking for sexy fun fitness, or you just want to get in touch your inner diva, Annie will keep you on your toes at Demaira Dance Studios.

Classes are $20 apiece, or four classes for just $60 (savings of $5 per class!). Sign up today and get ready to strut your stuff! And remember, you can join at any time! Register by email to annie@redhotannie.com .

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What will I learn at burlesque class?
A: Our basic burlesque class teaches you the basics of getting comfortable in your body. Expect shimmies, bumps, grinds, and sexy moves that you can use on stage or in the bedroom. This class will push your ability to memorize and remember moves in 8-counts, while still allowing personal expression. Each class starts with a short warm-up, followed by drills, and then the largest portion of each hour is spent learning burlesque moves for a short, choreographed act that you can continue to rehearse at home.

Q: Can I sign up at any time, or should I wait to join until you start a new session?
A: A new session starts each month. You should begin attending during the first week of the month to make the most of your burlesque class experience.

Q: If I buy package of 4 classes for $60, do I have to take all consecutively?
A: The 4 classes must be taken within a single month. If you miss a class, inquire to arrange a makeup session.

Q: What if I want to perform?
A: If you are interested in performing, you should inform Red Hot Annie. During class, she will give you additional guidance and instruction, and depending on your level of interest, opportunities outside of class that are useful to those who are interested in performing.

Q: What if I don't want to perform?
A: There is never any pressure to perform. Most of the students who take Red Hot Annie's basic burlesque class have no intention of performing, and take the class as a form of exercise and expression.

Q: Can I watch a class and see what it's like before committing?
A: Yes, you are welcome to attend a class and watch what it's like. Please inquire for dates.

Q: What should I wear?
A: You should wear comfortable, form-fitting clothing (leotard/leggings) and dance shoes or shoes with a low heel (2" or less) or stocking feet. No gym shoes.

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